Dr. Lisa Hartwell is a licensed Psychologist who works with individuals, couples, and suffering from relationship and sexual issues. In her private practice, Dr. Hartwell helps patients to develop an understanding of their problems, develop tools, and create lasting change for an improved quality of life. 

As a therapist, she offers counseling in the following areas but not limited to:

  • building a stronger relationship
  • improving sexual intimacy
  • dealing with sex abuse and addictions
  • counseling for sexual perpetrators
  • overcoming trauma
  • anxiety/depression

How it Works

Therapy lasts for 45-minutes, and identifies the problems that you struggle with most. We will discover together what solutions will benefit you the most.  We will set a treatment plan to design our course of action. Typical sessions will include feedback from me and homework assignments with time open for self-exploration.

How often do I need to come?

My clients generally visit me once a week or every other week depending on your concern. This way, the therapy stays continuous, and you can get better sooner. The majority of my clients see me between 6-12 sessions.  Many clients return for a “tune-up” throughout the year for a few sessions should a new issue arise.  This is a benefit to having a psychologist you can call upon as you go through life changes. I’ll remember your story!

I’m on medication for depression (or anxiety or sleep).  Will being on medication interfere with our work together?

No, it won’t. Taking an antidepressant and doing therapy are both recommended in the treatment of depression (and sometimes anxiety or insomnia). There is no conflict in doing both as long as you are closely monitored and you are communicating with your physician or psychiatrist about your medication. I have worked collaboratively for years with physicians and psychiatrists and feel comfortable working with them should you want this.

How will I know if the therapy is working?

You should start to see marked improvements in your general mood and thinking.  We will work together to measure this in behavioral terms so you can track your progress.  You may also no longer experience the same types of problems that brought you to therapy. You may start to notice your loved ones or coworkers may comment to you that you seem happier or you are performing your job better.  Maybe you will now have less struggle or conflict with your spouse or boss.  You’ll have a general sense that something is different, and better.

It’s not me!  It’s my daughter/son!  They won’t listen! Can you help?

Yes!  However, even though I may see your daughter or son for some individual sessions, I see them in the context of family therapy.  Research supports this and I have seen more positive changes (and faster!) when the family makes changes as a whole throughout the week outside the therapy session.

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