Need love or sex advice? Dr. Lisa Hartwell is a leading expert in relationships and sexual health. No issue is off limits with Dr. Hartwell. She delivers the straight talk about sex and love on taboo and sometimes embarrassing questions.

Invite Dr. Hartwell on your show to share practical advice on hot issues like:

– how to get the spark back in your relationship
– putting spice back in the bedroom
– the biggest turn offs in bed
– what to do when your spouse isn’t in the mood
– why partners choose to cheat
– mending a relationship after infidelity
– handling anxiety/depression around erectile dysfunction
– are you or your partner a sex addict
– what to do when you find your partners porn stash
– healing from sex abuse (both women and men)
– daring new trends in sexuality
– is your sexual fantasy normal
– talking to your kids about sex
– keeping sex alive for older couples

Available for expert consultation for policy makers and organizational leaders seeking guidance from a medical and psychological reference on sex violence, sexual perpetrators, and sexual abuse prevention.

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CREDENTIALS: Sex and relationship expert, Dr. Lisa Hartwell, is a licensed clinical psychologist, and registered nurse who delivers candid advice on tough issues like sex, relationships, and healing from trauma.  For over 20 years she has helped individuals to enhance relationships and rediscover wholeness.  She is the CEO of Hartwell Therapy & Consulting in Hawaii.

AVAILABILITY: Nationwide by arrangement and telephone

Dr. Lisa Hartwell



Sex Drive Killers
The Mike Buck Show

Hawaii 690 KNHR – 6/6/126-9 am weekdays

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