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My mission and passion is to be an ambassador for thriving relationships, especially at home and business where we spend most of our waking hours! The 50% divorce rate in our nation is a scary statistic!

Imagine: your hopes for a long and loving marriage is reduced to the flip of a coin! So, what does the other 50% of successful marriages look like?

Aloha! I’m Dr. Lisa Hartwell.

Thank you for your interest in my HARTWELL MARRIAGE PLAN Retreats, Workshops, and Mentoring! Do you feel stuck, confused and keep reacting the same way, but it feels like you can’t help it? 

Is it hard for you to stay away from criticism and blame during conflict? How do you create the utmost creative, supportive, and loving partnership? With respectful, loving and compassionate relationships, we can all do amazing things in the world that we are meant to do, while enjoying the best of life and love with fun, ease, and grace!

My couples say their lives changed after they joined me to give them a chance at a transformation in their relationship after they learn the Hartwell Marriage Plan during workshops, mentoring and the MOST transformation experience of all: an all day VIP Healing Couples Retreat with just you two and me!

You two will learn a more gentle discovery of your own and your partner’s core reasons for patterns of behaviors that seem to repeat. You will finally learn how to communicate with a focus on connection and clarity to cope with all life’s challenges—together! In addition, your individual and relationship values will finally become a crystal clear anchor as your relationship matures and grows through the years.

Listen to this testimony by this beautiful couple, Kara & Caleb as they describe the life-changing transformation they experienced during their VIP Couples Healing Retreat which led to their engagement in 2015!

So if you are in the “PREMARITAL” stages of your relationship, this is a fabulous framework as you prepare to walk down the aisle into your future together.
If you already got married, and it is that “FIRST FEW YEARS” of tough adjustment (you thought it was supposed to be marital bliss!), and now you think, “uh, oh, we should have invested in premarital discovery sessions”, this is for you!
Or if you have been “MARRIED FOR YEARS” and are in a need of a what we call a “marital tune-up”, such as finally getting to the root of those pesky issues that keep coming up, this is for you!
So check out my workshop, mentoring plans, and retreats so we can decide which is the best fit for you. Click the appropriate box below for more information.

Aloha and Let’s Create Y O U R Happily Ever After!



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