Bad Apples ImageVIP Consultation Day

Individual or Group | Online or In-person

Spend a half-day in the morning or afternoon or a full day with Dr. Hartwell to personally learn how to implement Bad Apples concepts and developmental models in your life and discover new ways to keep you personally on track!

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Renewal Retreats

Group with Exclusive offer of VIP 1:1 Consultation with Dr. Hartwell

Spend a half day or full day retreat planned at a beachfront, five-star hotel in Hawaii with a focus on learning about implementing the Bad Apples concepts tailored specifically to the retreat participants with integration of lots of time for rejuvenation and healing. These retreats will also be offered throughout “apple season” in the New England area.

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Thriving With Your Orchard Manager

Individual and Group Monthly Consultation Groups

Receive ongoing support as you grow and thrive no matter what rotten apples come your way! Dr. Hartwell offers four hours monthly online or telephone consultation to assist you to continue moving forward in your development.

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Organization Consultation

Dr. Hartwell can assist your leaders to utilize Bad Apples developmental models and other organizational structural models to keep your businesses thriving and profits soaring.

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