Tell me if any of this is familiar to you: 

Somebody says something to you or your inner voice is screaming at you to just breathe, but your palms start to sweat, your heart starts to race, your chest tightens, and you feel like it’s just about impossible to take another breath.

Your brain seems to freeze up and you can’t speak because you’re so focused on your body symptoms shouting at you.

Do you know that feeling? It’s called Anxiety – and I’m here to tell you that, rather than letting it rule your life, you can make it your Ally.

Hi! I’m Dr. Lisa Hartwell. Welcome!

I am an author, speaker, and licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in anxiety and grief.

My goal is simple: to shift how we all think about our anxiety.

You know the feelings I’m talking about right? They’re the ones I described above, where your breaths get shorter and shorter and you just can’t say what you want to say. It’s as if you have no control over your body.

It’s time we change this, together. There’s a simple way in which you can, and I’ll clue you in on that in a minute.

But first, let me ask you – how different would your life be if, the next time that one person who pokes at your insecurities talks to you, you could actually say your piece?

How calm would you be knowing that, even if they managed to push all your buttons, you remained composed and collected?

How in control would you feel knowing that, no matter the situation, you possessed the skills and tools that would help you handle that difficult situation with poise?

These are exactly the kind of behaviors I’ve helped my clients develop through my consulting and therapy solutions.

I’ve worked with clients who say things like:

“I love my husband, we have a great marriage but we’re not best friends. How do I communicate with him so he opens up to me and I can be honest with him?”

“I don’t trust myself anymore to do or say the right thing.”

Sleep, insomnia, night.

“I want to wake up productive but all I do is lay there and pretty soon my heart starts racing and I can’t catch my breath.”

And one of the most common sources of anxiety:

“My boss makes me feel like I’m never doing enough.”

Do you see yourself in any of those statements?

When these clients have worked with me, they say things like:

“I can finally communicate better and more openly with my partner! I feel like I finally understand him and I finally feel understood.”  

“I finally felt like I could stand up to my demanding boss and my work environment is finally a healthier place to be!”

And the number one symptom that decreases?

They finally stopped feeling like their throat closes up whenever they need to say their piece, and started saying it with confidence.

I have one core belief.

That is to never compromise.

In your career. In your relationship. With your friends. Or with your future.

It’s time to use your Anxiety as your Ally so you can Worry Less and Live More

During that next conflict, tough conversation, or scary situation, let’s end it with you saying your piece and finding your peace.

For every situation in your life where you could feel anxious, you deserve to have a plan.

That plan is focus on how you can USE your anxiety as INFORMATION to actually HELP you realize it’s time for you to pay attention.

I mentioned earlier that I have a solution that you can use today to start to change.

It’s a free guide, called Worry Less, Live More.

I created it to help you stop worrying about your life and start living it. So those griping, demanding, and nagging thoughts don’t paralyze you but rather, are used to help you grow and find your peace.

 Mahalo, and always take good care of yourselves and others!

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Dont Forget to Download Your FREE eBook: Worry Less, Live More

Congratulations! Check your email for your free download to begin using your anxiety as your ally! If you don't get it within 10 minutes, email me at